Spying the season’s first blossom is always a joyous moment - and is a sure-fire sign spring is well and truly underway. A springtime emblem (not to mention Instagram icon), and for good reason too, the white (and pink) stuff is, albeit fleeting, a breathtaking sight to behold. The floral candyfloss doesn’t just gloriously announce the season - but of course, hints at the promise of delicious and beautiful fruits to come.

Blossom does, in fact, start to make its welcome debut as early as January and February - with varieties such as ornamental winter cherry starting to flower, offering a much-needed dose of spring. From March onwards, a multitude of Prunus starts to arrive, such as plum, peach and almond. The month of May remains synonymous with blossom season with hedgerows and trees alike bursting into bloom - lookout for the blush shades of Crabapple and star-like Hawthorn flowers. For a burst of vivacious colour, quince trees are a firm favourite for their cerise petals.

Spirit fans - did you know that the pretty petals of Prunus Spinosa will produce the much-loved sloe berry come autumn? Forage London revealed that the dried petals of certain magnolia varieties also have a distinctive ginger taste.

Unsurprisingly - even though the fluffy boughs may be fleeting, blossom branches feature in many McQueens designs, from statuesque vase arrangements for one of fabulous hotel clients to creative concepts with the flower school. A stand-out design from 2019 was a suspended installation with pink sweetpeas masquerading as blossom branches.

You can find more McQueens blossom designs over on Instagram- as well as many other seasonal gems.