The month of June has seen celebrations around the globe in support of our LGBTQIA+ friends. As long-term supporters of Pride, McQueens Flowers has always been a welcoming home for all, a place that promotes equality, celebrates diversity, and encourages acceptance and inclusivity among our talented team. This year, in recognition of international Pride month, we invited our team to share what Pride means to them.

Lee, McQueens Flowers COO
"Pride is so important to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a Gay man, Pride has been a moment in my life every year for myself and my friends to come together and reflect on the success of the Pride movement, and think about all the people that have fought in history to allow me to love who I want to love today, and be who I want to be without prejudice."
Hamish, Senior Floral Designer
"Pride is a reminder of the work we have done, and the work we still have to do.Pride is a memo to continue the courage and double down on the determination. Pride is loud, bright, shining. A discipline to be different. Pride is the light inside,embracing, releasing, celebrating - so others can bask in it, so others are inspired to shine themselves."
Rodney, Workroom Manager
"For me, Pride is all about celebrating our differences, it's about acceptance and inclusion, it's about equality and recognising there is more to do across our diverse communities. I’m proud to work at McQueens and being able to just be myself at work. This year I’m looking forward to celebrating Pride with my workmates."

Gina, Head of Events
"Pride to me is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ people in my community, rejoicing in their happiness and triumphs whilst also understanding their struggles and learning what actions I can take in pursuit of equality and freedom in expressing our love and identity!"

Ele, Events Florist
"Pride is about love."
Sophie, School Principal
"Pride is a celebration of inclusivity and freedom of expression, it's a party to recognise the beautiful privilege of being alive and a reminder that we are all one species, that we should support and love each other unconditionally. #loveislove"

Christophe, Senior School Tutor
"To me, Pride is first and foremost a political statement - the commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York to fight for LGBT rights. It is important to remember those brave men and women that led the way to a better society, more tolerant and accepting. If I am in London, I go to the march to carry on supporting the cause of diversity and tolerance because the fight is never over."