McQueens Flower School Safety Regulations

- Hand sanitising stations have been placed at every doo and access point around the building. These are for regular use during the day and we strongly advise guests and colleagues to make use of the stations when moving around the building, particularly when using ‘high touch points’ such as door handles.

- Anti-bacterial hand wash is placed in all bathrooms and we will encourage the use of disposable paper towels in place of hand dryers.

- A ‘one-way’ system has been implemented within the building the avoid crossing on stairwells. Please adhere to this system at all times.

- For student safety, workbenches have been divided and only two students will be able to work at each workbench, observing the 2 metre social distancing requirements.

- Maximum class capacity has been significantly reduced to support social distancing regulations.

- For student safety, we encourage bringing your own personal water/drinks vessels.

- Where tools are provided, we will use anti-bacterial cleaning fluids to fully clean equipment and work areas after every use. For the safety of the McQueens Flower School team and students, students will not be permitted to enter working areas of McQueens Flowers such as the workshop.