Marvellous May - a month that brings with it an abundance of flowers, but there is one stem whose return truly causes a stir with its arrival. From late April the peony, celebrated for its frothy, layered petals begins to make its highly anticipated appearance. Show-stopping in mono-floral bouquets or nestled amongst bodacious urn arrangements - perfect peonies  are guaranteed to steal spotlight. Fans of the pom-pom flower rejoice - there are numerous varieties to marvel - from single-petaled specimens to triple-decker darlings. Meet just a few of our favourites...

Bowl of Cream

Aptly named ‘Bowl of Cream’ are double-petaled wonders. Bridal white and lightly fragrant these large-headed peonies look gloriously cloud-like en masse or steal the show in a seasonal display.

Coral Charm

A semi-double-petaled variety - with a magical quality. Beginning a vibrant shade of salmon pink, the Coral Charm peony goes on a wonderful colour journey, turning a soft-peach shade and finishing in a pale yellow. Mid-transformation you may spot an enchanting psychedelic effect!

Sarah Bernhardt

Ticking all the peony boxes is the rosy-hued Sarah Bernhardt variety. 

Dr. Alexander Fleming Peonies

This outstanding variety is characterized by its large, milkshake-pink head of frothy petals and completely irresistible, fragrance. Two to three shades darker than its close counterpart, Sarah Bernhardt, they create the perfect pairing. The keen-eyed among you will recognize that this beguiling variety was uniquely named after the Scottish microbiologist who discovered Penicillin.

Red Charm

Peonies don’t just come in a plethora of pinky pastel shades - Red Charm is one of our favourite deep-crimson varieties, bold but equally hypnotic to its pastel counterparts.