McQueens Flowers x Richard Brendon Vase Collection

For floral designers, choosing the perfect vessel forms a crucial foundation for flawless displays - which is why were thrilled to join forces with esteemed designer, Richard Brendon to create our debut vase collection - 1821. Inspired by the birth of glassmaking as we know it today, 1821 has been devised with both function and beauty at front of mind. Here we share our design process story, from inception to reality!

The synergies between Richard Brendon and McQueens Flowers have made the partnership and creative process a natural one - both designers bonded by themes of quality, craftsmanship and skill. Following on from Richard Brendon’s most recent glassware launch, 1650 and along the London timeline, 1821 is a celebration of Bristolian glassmaker, Henry Ricketts' revolutionised hinged mould. Patented in 1821 Ricketts' created an innovative bottle-mould that allowed glass to be consistently blown to the same size and capacity for the first time. In honour of its namesake, 1821 utilises the same styled moulds today; each vase individually mouth-blown by master craftspeople in Czech Republic to exacting dimensions - creating a five-piece collection enriched with over 200 years of history.

Not only does the collection take on the timeless hue of a traditional bottle-green synonymous with the glassware of the 17th century, it mimics the beautiful olive shade of woody stems - allowing a rainbow of flowers to compliment the organic tone. There are practical advantages too - the richly coloured glass will disguise any debris which naturally occurs in the flower water - making maintenance of your masterpiece effortless!
Central to the purpose of the collection was to create a family of vases that lent themselves to an array of flowers and foliages. Providing expertise and insight, our floral teams helped guide the design gurus at Richard Brendon when it came to form and function. The result is a collection of five beautiful vessels each one with specific flower types in mind.
The adorable Bud Vase Trio are not only fitting for effortless tablescapes - the set look particularly pretty gathered together on mantlepieces and dressing tables. The petite pieces play host the delicate and dainty stems - from bundles of summer's frilly sweet peas to autumnal, ethereal specimens such as Chocolate cosmos.

The Medium Vase is perhaps the most versatile vessel in the collection - lending itself to a spectrum of shapes and silhouettes. We had organic, garden-style displays in mind - fragrant, freshly cut roses or Parrot tulips would happily sit pretty in every setting. The Large Table Vase has practicality at its core - remaining a sizeable volume for focal table arrangements - whilst not being too tall to obscure your guests view! Think fluid, relaxed blooms - such a gatherings of guelder rose, eucalyptus, and lilac.

Accelerate your floral displays to professional standards with the grandest pieces in the collection - with the Tall Vase and Large Presentation Vase. The former naturally lends itself to the most statuesque flowers - eremurus, gladioli and alliums to name a few - whilst the latter is fit for the blousiest stems you can find - glorious hydrangea, chrysanthemum blooms and dahlias galore. Both designs promise to deliver impact, making them ideal for grand entrances - whether it's a kitchen counter top showstopper or a warm hallway welcome.


Here at McQueens Flowers, our Contracts team are renowned for their five-star hotel displays. To celebrate this special new collaboration the collection will feature in a beautiful display in one of the capital’s most prestigious hotels - Corinthia London. Indulge in their signature afternoon tea, set in the Crystal Moon Lounge and you’ll spot an array of 1821 vases filled with beautiful stems. 

The final flourish of these beautiful glass pieces is the unique seal - with both brands having their own hallmarks carefully branded on their collections, a nod to historic bottles that featured the seals and emblems of their owners.
Discover this limited edition collection in-store at McQueens Mayfair and McQueens Corinthia and online from 21st September.